Why do bears dominate the stuffed animal world?

Did you ever have a stuffed bear when you were a kid?

If you've ever noticed, no matter which store sells stuffed animals, stuffed bears are probably the one with the most styles and the most numbers.

Even in your meme gallery, there's at least one stuffed bear.

When exactly did the bear take over the plush toy world?

Check out the Amazon's list of stuffed toys, and whether it's a single item or a popular seller, the stuffed bear is always in the top 10.

Among all kinds of plush toy brands, there are a lot of bears in their names: Memorial Bear, Build a Bear, Thanks Bear, Bear Factory, Flatout Bear...

Almost every toy brand will not miss the stuffed bear category, not only the stuffed bear category is the most, some will put the bear directly to the first list.

classification of animals under a brand of plush toy
Even if the brand name doesn't include bears, every collection has a stuffed bear that is bound to sell well. Disney's Duffy Bear, for example, has taken a few furry lovers' wallets. There are a lot of brands to make teddy bear alone. In addition to collectable Teddy bears like Steiff, a German brand with a long history, there are also thrifty ones like Gund, Hermann, Kosen, Aurora, etc.

Duffy Bear from DisneyIkea's furry toys are often mocked as ugly, but the brown bear, which looks like a bum with a belly full of fat, has captivated many people, who have not only taking them home right away, but also taken creative measures to pose them in unique poses, in a trend that has seen bears outstrip the previous famous sharks.

Ikea furry bear, Djungelskog
Many girls jokes that the boy would only send a 2-meter giant stuffed bear, but many were actually happy to receive one. And plush bear sales, has been very strong.

In 2 Broke Girls, Max had a teddy bear as a child. Twenty years later, the teddy bear is still so attractive that the boy made an offer of $500 for her.
In fact, not only the stuffed bear, the bear's cartoon character has always been a favorite.

Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, We Bare Bears, Backkom...  Bears can make people laugh at anything they do, even the main antagonist, Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, the pink strawberry-scented bear in Toy Story, has a lot of fans.

- Once upon a time there was a teddy bear -

So the question is, how did the bear become so popular? Obviously the real bear is not cute at all, but also very fierce.

It all started a long time ago...

Doll-bears have existed in Moscow since the end of the 19th century. A mechanical wind-up thirsty bear that automatically drinks from a glass and dances in a Moscow bar. The drink bear has been a hit since it first appeared. But given its cost and age, it's aimed mostly at adults.

Around the same time, dolls of bears on four wheels appeared on the streets of Berlin, Germany. But it's a far cry from today's stuffed bear, as the doll is made of wood and attached to four wheels, like a toy car.

In fact, the bear is popular as a doll, and there's a teddy bear of grandmaster class to speak of.

Allegedly, 1902, President Roosevelt was hunting in Mississippi and did not find a bear a few days. His guides had yet found a black bear, then were obliged to tie it up, or he would make his escape. That bear was less than half the normal bear weight. However, President Roosevelt came up with compassion and believed that  it was lack of the spirit of sports to shoot the little black bear this time, and let him go in the end.

This incident, which was featured in Teddy's Bear by cartoonists and later on the front page of the Washington Post, an assistant tied up a small black Bear sitting on the ground, and Roosevelt, with a gun in his hand, gestured "NO" at the bear.
Clifford Berryman's 1902 cartoon that lampooned T.R.'s bear hunt

After that, the teddy bear dealer displayed a stuffed toy named after the teddy bear. The truth of the incident is hard to prove, and some people suspect it was a political stunt, but the teddy bear has become famous ever since. President Roosevelt used a bear as a mascot during his re-election campaign, and the teddy bear has gradually become a symbol of love and warmth for more than 100 years.

But sometimes, a teddy bear is a symbol of money.

Because teddy bears have a history of more than 100 years, many teddy enthusiasts collect antique teddy bears over the age of 50, and it is not uncommon for some teddy bears with specific shapes to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

Those who have watched the Korean drama Gang (Palace) will remember those cute and delicate teddy bears. The show's popularity has also led to tourism on Jeju Island, where the teddy bear museum has become a must-go attraction. In the museum, Steiff's Louis Vuitton overcoat teddy bear, valued at around $193,000, is a memorial edition for the 125th anniversary of the bear.
Another memorial edition for the 125th anniversary is a gold plush teddy with a limited supply of 125 bears, a gold mouth, gold thread stitching, and eyes are made of sapphire and diamond, priced at $86,000 each.

- How does a bear become gentle?-
Whether born in the 1990s or the 2000s, the earliest initiation of stuffed toys probably came from a stuffed bear. Although the brand is different, the size is different, the common thing is to feel fluffy, honest and charming, that accompany us through countless dark nights.

And it's not just as children, adults still have a need for stuffed bears.

Research shows that 44 percent of Britons still own a teddy bear or doll as an adult and nearly 34 percent sleep with a stuffed animal every night. Sleeping together doesn't stop there. Talking to a stuffed animal, telling a story, and discussing secrets isn't just for kids. It's still true for many adults. For most people, a stuffed bear is like a guardian of the night, protecting you from ghosts, but showing you only the tenderest side.
In fact, a stuffed bear does have a healing effect. Studies have shown that cuddling with a beloved teddy bear or stuffed toy can help children relieve separation anxiety when they sleep in a separate room from their parents. The plush bear's presence, like a surrogate mother, is soft, touchable and a comforting object. The moment you hold a bear, whether it's a child or an adult, you can feel the soft touch and become calm.

The real bear, by contrast, is more frightening. After all, bears are so big that they can easily weigh hundreds of pounds. The tallest brown bear can stand up to four meters long, and a single slap can stun a human.

By one measure, the brown bear is about as effective as the Amur tiger, the stout and tall boxer Mike Tyson, and the flexible fighter Fido.
Scary bears, but as you may have noticed, it's actually cute little bears that make fluffy toys. After all, even the original teddy bear is a little bear. Bear lovers wonder how many people dream of having a bear that will never grow up, and a stuffed bear is just such an alternative.

Compared with other animals, the plush bear's chubby body looks honest, reliable and secure. Some people say that bears are the most human-like animals in the wild. They can stand and crawl, have a round face and round arms, and are very friendly to look and feel.

The stuffed bear is the warmest at all times, and it's there to listen to you as long as you don't leave. At the head of your bed, is there also such a bear to accompany you through spring, summer, fall and winter?

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