Pete McKee releases art toy, Custom Vinyl Toys

Known for his style influenced by old cartoons, Pete Mckee invites himself to Custom Action Figures, custom Vinyl Toys for a collaboration that is both poetic and refreshing. Named A Lost Summer, this art toy is taken from McKee's original painting of the same name. It shows a woman sitting on a rock, her eyes turned towards the horizon, accompanied by her dog, also hypnotized by the immensity of the ocean.

If the figurine is static, the wind treatment on the woman's hair and jacket gives us a real impression of movement and lightness. And it's not his dog, ears in the wind, who will say the opposite. Offered in a set of two figurines, the young woman (26 cm) and the dog (13cm), this resin art toy is also edited in 150 copies. With its soft tones, reflecting the calm and appeasement of this moment facing the ocean, A Lost Summer by Pete McKee and 86fashion makes us want to go elsewhere...

Credits : Pete McKee / 86fashion

Source : Vinylpulse

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