How to find the Best Action Figure Manufacturer

…it’s Toy Making Time!

Our Production Process

After the production sample is approved and the tools (large steel molds) are created, it’s toy making time! At a high level, action figure manufacturing includes the following steps:
  1. Part Casting

    The various parts are made by plastic injection or rotocasting. Plastic pellets are melted and injected into the tool with heat and pressure. After the plastic cools (a matter of seconds), the tool is opened and parts are removed and separated.
  2. Figure Painting

    Body parts and accessories are painted by hand, normally as individual parts. Skilled painters apply paint through a combination of air brushing (using 3D stencils called “spray masks”) and careful hand brushing, using the Paint Master and approved production samples as guides.
  3. Toy Finishing & Assembly

    All painted parts are assembled into complete action figures. This involves ‘popping’ parts together, adding plastic rivets or metal screws, and in some cases, gluing or sonic welding parts together. Each action figure is finished and assembled by hand.
  4. Packaging

    The newly finished toys and their accessories are placed neatly into their packages and packed into cartons.    
  5. If you have a request for custom figures or models, feel free to contact us. 86fashion started in Hong Kong in 1975 and has been in the field of custom made hobbies and toys for 45 years. As an authorized manufacturer of international organizations or competitions such as the World Expo and World Cup, 86fashion can provide professional and targeted product customization solutions.
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