GK101: How to make a figure model

Before an animation, game or film is released to the market, the marketing team of the publisher will begin to plan a series of promotion and marketing methods, and the action figure models or GK models are one of them. Therefore, the production of the models is already in full swing months before the final film is released.

Regarding the production of the custom action figure models, the copyright company will first provide detailed character settings, including a series of setting information such as three views, size parameters, facial expressions, color specifications, props, clothings, etc. Designers and sculptors will start shaping and modeling. While at this very beginning stage, the initial works that usually are always a lack of spirit. In order to highly restore the character's personalities and make the graphic draft three-dimensional and vivid, the senior prototype stylist will conduct in-depth research on the character after getting the data, such as in-depth taste of the film and television works, original paintings, manuscripts and other materials, so as to better grasp the character characteristics.

Eren Yeager (エレン・イェーガー), Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人), three views of the Survey Corps character

Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear, props graphic design draft, Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人)
Starting from the body, the production of the figure will strictly follow the set proportion and body structure. At this stage, the role's posture, shape, and action should be restored to achieve proportional coordination. An "exquisite" action figure model has very high requirements for proportions and actions. It seems that they are all the same but they are not. The details are often the place to withdraw the skills of the stylist. Only when the body part is complete do you begin to make props, costumes and other auxiliary parts. Every character's body language has its own unique characteristics, which are the IP of the character. Thus, the character study and research in the early stage is a very important part.
ools and materials: pen sharpeners, engraving knives, files, sandpaper, drill bits, cutting pliers, saws, wire, glue, etc

Sketch a body shape before the production starts

The shape of the body will come out after fabrication

After the styling enters the final stage, is about to carve and polish. Polishing is a very critical part of modeling. If the model is not polished properly, the surface will be bumpy and uneven. While excessive polishing will cause the modeling to lose many details. From coarse to fine, the polishing process is tedious and boring, and needs to repeat over and over again, which pays a lot of patience, and eventually the rough model set can be polished to a smooth and perfect effect.

After the polishing stage is completed, the mold needs to be turned over and copied into a GK white mold. After copying and profiling, it needs to be polished again to smooth the suture line, and then painting and coloring can be started.

GK white mold, a single color or colorless copy

A face mold component made by silicone inverted molding resin

The assembled form after repeated polishing

After the GK white model is completed, it's time for painting and coloring. Basically, one of the most challenging parts is coloring the face of the whole painting process. A character with a high reduction degree of facial features will always be vivid. The color matching and overall tone need to be based on the original specification or the setting data. However, the data and parameter information provided is for reference only. The exquisite figure model requires the color perception and performance ability of the painter to finally achieve a satisfactory result.

Modified paint

Detail drawing

Face painting

With the help of the magic of color, paint masters have have these images to life, allowing them to take photo shots out to the street. After all the sample work is done, it's time to mass production and finally the product will be delivered to the enthusiast. 

Whether it's sketch, design, white mold, painting or mass production, the hobby team of 86fashion are full of enthusiasm. No matter for work, products or enthusiasts, this enthusiasm makes them full of motivation. Making products with heart is the foundation of 86fashion, and also the reason why it is popular all over the world.
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