Eight Steps for Beginners: Custom Stuffed Animals at 86fashion toy factory

For designer plushies that look great and are huggably soft, 86fashion is the perfect custom stuffed animal maker. Our plush are patterned and prototyped until perfect, and we don’t stop until the plushies look just right. In this article, we will guide you through 8 fundamental steps you must know to build your own custom plush toys.

1. Customer provides toy design

The customer informs the toy of the description, including materials, dimensions, colors, specific accessories, etc. It is best to have a picture, and then we use these details to make a price estimate.

2. Product quotation

The quotation of the product needs to be carried out with the customer’s needs in mind. Usually, the quotation provided by our company defaults to the FOB price.

3. Proofing fee

If the customer accepts our offer and needs proofing, the customer must first pay the proofing fee. The proofing fee is priced according to the simplicity of the product. The general proofing fee is $120-$160.

4. Start proofing

The customer accepts our proofing fee and has already paid by Paypal or other payment methods, we will arrange to start proofing. The proofing time is generally 7-10 days.

5. Sample modification

After the sample is produced, the customer can choose to know the product by photo or by the sample. We usually choose to send samples by express, the time is about 5-10 days. If the customer needs to modify the details of the sample, we offer a free modification service until the customer is satisfied.

6. Accurate quote

In the case of the customer’s satisfaction with the sample, we will re-quote the product and confirm with the customer again.

7. Large goods production

If the customer accepts our exact quotation, then we will arrange for large-scale production, usually with a production cycle of 15-20 days. And details such as packaging will also be confirmed with the customer.Customers can choose our packaging form, or customers can customize it.

8. Confirm receipt

After the production is completed, we will contact the customer to arrange the delivery. The transportation time is determined by the specific location.

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